Persephone - Eau de Parfum - 60mL (Short Run)

Persephone - Eau de Parfum - 60mL (Short Run)

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I've always been fascinated by the story of Persephone and Hades. Before Persephone was kidnapped and became queen of Hades, the world was perpetual summer. Once taken, her mother Demeter was so distraught that her sadness and anger caused all plants to cease blooming and cast the world into winter. Eventually Zeus intervened and demanded that she be returned to her mother so that mortals would once again have food. Knowing that eating or drinking anything during her stay in Hades would prevent her from leaving, Persephone abstained...until it was time for her to return to the overworld. Hades offered her a single pomegranate, which she took, looked him in the eyes, and ate exactly six seeds. As a result it was decided that she would spend six month per year in the underworld, causing Demeter's sadness to bring winter to the world again, and six in the overworld, causing spring, summer, flowers, harvests, and life.

This scent is special to me. It opens with a big pomegranate note that fades to a warmer ambery base accompanied by oakmoss, amyris, cardamom, and sandalwood. I know, based on these notes, this doesn't sound like a bright scent in any regard, but it's brighter than you'd think.

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