Brush Rejuvenator - 4oz - Brush Cleaning Soap
$ 20.00

Brush Rejuvenator - 4oz - Brush Cleaning Soap

**This soap will develop tiny crystals that look like white mold. I assure you this is NOT mold (verified at a lab)**

Traditionally, the best way to clean a brush has been dish detergent, rinse, vinegar soak, rinse. It's an effective, time-honored method that works - it's just inconvenient.

That's where our Brush Rejuvenator comes in. Packaged in our regular shaving soap tubs, all you have to do is build a quick lather and rinse to strip soap scum deposits and ghost fragrances from your brushes, leaving them fresh and like new.

This product is best suited for lazy folks with hard water.

This is not shaving soap. You are more than welcome to try to shave with it if you want (it's not harmful for your skin) but it won't be a good shave.

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