Knotting Service - B9 Alpha
$ 144.00

Knotting Service - B9 Alpha

**Please read this article before placing your order**

B9 Alpha is similar to B4. It is an extremely well-rounded hair, providing average backbone, tip softness, and flowthrough. Don't mistake this "average" for mediocre, however, as this is an extremely balanced hair that makes a perfect daily driver.

Have a handle that needs a knot? Whether you're working on a vintage restoration or want one of my knots but don't like my handles, this is the service for you.  I will tie and set a knot specifically for a handle that you provide.  

Please review the above FAQ for questions related to hole size, which size service to purchase, and the address to ship the handle to. I ask that you please not purchase this service unless you have the handle in-hand and ready to ship.

This service ONLY applies to handles that do not currently have knots. This service does not cover knot hole enlargement.  


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