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Epiphenomenon - Eau de Parfum - 60mL
$ 55.00

Epiphenomenon - Eau de Parfum - 60mL

Epiphenomenon is a big word that essentially means 'a secondary effect or byproduct.' After the demise of Bandwagon I didn't set out to create another 'barbershop' - a completely subjective, ill-defined faux genre that led to multiple existential crises on the subjectivity of scent and precisely how untrustworthy our noses can be. I had no plans to develop nor release another. However, the stars aligned, and while pursuing something far from the softly masculine, powdery scent that grew into Epiphenomenon...Epiphenomenon was born. It's powdery, inoffensive, and slots straight into my personal conception of 'barbershop.'


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