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(BSE) Big Scent Energy - Eau de Parfum - 60mL

(BSE) Big Scent Energy - Eau de Parfum - 60mL

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BSE is unassuming...because it doesn't have to be. It knows who and what it is without having to make a big deal about it. It is uniquely itself, present without being overbearing. Suitable for all seasons and occasions, it presents differently in soap, splash, and EdP. Vetiver is present in the soap under a refined blend of black amber, rosewood, and cardamom. The splash allows the oakmoss, bergamot, and water lily to shine more prominently. The EdP is the most pure expression of BSE, hitting up front with its sharper side but rounding out during drydown into a sophisticated blend of woods, amber, and background florals.

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