Custom Brushes

Don't like any of the brushes I have in stock? No problem. Despite my best efforts, there's just no way I can dream up something to please everyone. That's where custom work - and you! - come in. 

The Process

  • Contact me! or via Livechat below.
  • We'll have an initial consultation to determine the perfect design for you.  Whether you already have a design in mind or want to collaborate, I'm easy to work with and dedicated to crafting your perfect brush.  This includes shape, size, colors, and knot selection.
  • The crafting begins!
  • Once complete, I'll send you final photos for your approval.  If you don't like it, I'll make another.
  • Once approved, I'll send an invoice.
  • Once payment is received I'll mail it, and you will hold in your hands your perfect brush - a truly unique creation, made just for you.


To determine the final brush price, just add the handle price (and options) to the price of the knot of your choosing.

Handle Pricing

Handles start at a flat rate of $50 for a single piece handle. Each additional option is added to this base price.  For example, a 30mm two piece handle would be $65 - $50 for the handle, an additional $10 for a two piece, and and additional $5 for an extra large blank.


 One Piece Handle $50
Two Piece Handle (such as my "Black Hat" Series) +$10
Embedded Emblem In Base (ARMY, Navy, Sports Teams, etc.) +$20
Extra Large Handles (30mm knots and up) +$5
Matching DE Razor Handle +$25
Video of the Crafting Process +$15


Knot Pricing

**These prices are for the knot only**


Synthetic knots are, without a doubt, the softest-tipped knots that I've ever come across, easily beating out the softest natural fibers available.

24mm Plisson-Style Synthetic (Benchmark Synthetic Knot) $9
24mm Three Band Synthetic (High Backbone) $19
24mm AMACK Gamechanger (Black) $20
28mm Ubersoft II (requires 30mm hole) $25
30mm Whipped Dog $26


Two Band

Two band badger is my personal favorite. Middle of the road backbone with the potential (though no guarantee) that the fabled "gel tips" will appear.  Tips range from slightly scritchy to ultra soft. I do not guarantee that your knot will develop hooked/gel tips.

24mm Two Band Finest - Bulb (High gel tip potential) $29 
24mm Two Band Finest - Fan(Little/no gel tip potential) $30
26mm Two Band Finest - Bulb (High gel tip potential) $31
28mm Two Band Finest - Bulb (High gel tip potential) $34
30mm Two Band Finest - Bulb (High gel tip potential) $37
24mm Envy White - Bulb (Little/no gel tip potential, very high backbone) $55
24mm Envy White - Fan (Little/no gel tip potential, very high backbone) $55



Three Band

Three band badger hair is typically the softest/most absorbent badger hair available.  Its backbone ranges from very weak to moderate. I include High Mountain White (HMW) in this category with the caveat that HMW varies wildly from vendor to vendor. As there are no true standardized grades of badger hair, I've seen HMW range from two band to three band, from weak backboned and pillow soft to two band and slightly scritchy.  The HMW knots that I use regularly are three band and so similar to silvertip that I do not believe they deserve their own category.  However, I will say that the HMWs that I stock exemplify everything good about three band knots and should be considered an extremely high grade silvertip.

24mm Silvertip Grade A $35
28mm Silvertip Grade A $45
30mm Silvertip Grade A $48
24mm HMW $62
26mm HMW $67