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Still Not enough cerberus EDPs. Noble Otter is sending leftover fragrance, I will make more ASAP. Sorry.
The Washington - Austere - 28mm B13

The Washington - Austere - 28mm B13

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Knot will be tied to order, please allow 5 business days for shipment.

Serving as a surveyor, Revolutionary War hero, inaugural president of the United States, and distiller, George Washington’s humility and commitment to hard work spurred George Washington to greatness. He did not want for glory, even imposing term limits on his own presidency, but rather believed excellence is an all-the-time attitude. Our understated 24mm knot, with a regal handle that brings to mind his tricorn hat, is the embodiment of the purpose-filled life of the father of these United States. 
Knot Size 28mm (+~1mm)
Loft 48mm (+/-.5mm)