The Jefferson - Unobtanium - B0 - 28mm
$ 401.00

The Jefferson - Unobtanium - B0 - 28mm

Please note: This material was exceptionally difficult to source. Due to its rarity I was only able to produce exactly zero brushes. Thankfully, the B0 hair (which, as it turns out, never existed) is available in endless supply - the only downside being that it is only compatible with Unobtanium handles, so it is not available for knotting services.
Pattern may vary infinitely or not at all depending on your perspective.
As the principle author of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson is an honorary founder of Declaration Brushworks. His masterful command of succinct, direct language served as the primary inspiration for the design of his namesake brush. Every detail of The Jefferson was chosen to be exactly what is needed for the perfect brush with no extraneous frills nor omissions.
Knot Size 28mm (+~1mm)
Loft 48mm (+/-.5mm)