Knotting Service - B9 Bravo
$ 144.00

Knotting Service - B9 Bravo

**Please read this article before placing your order**

B9 Bravo is the same hair (billed as "gel tip" or "specially treated") that many brushmakers are currently sourcing. While it did not immediately yield gel tips in early testing, its tips are soft and slick with little to no risk of breakage due to damage (despite having lovely bright white tips).

As this hair packs very densely, it will have a higher loft than any knots I have released since B2 (+1-2mm additional in order to allow the knot to splay). 

Have a handle that needs a knot? Whether you're working on a vintage restoration or want one of my knots but don't like my handles, this is the service for you.  I will tie and set a knot specifically for a handle that you provide.  

Please review the above FAQ for questions related to hole size, which size service to purchase, and the address to ship the handle to. I ask that you please not purchase this service unless you have the handle in-hand and ready to ship.

This service ONLY applies to handles that do not currently have knots. This service does not cover knot hole enlargement.  


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