Hindsight - Eau de Parfum - 60mL

Hindsight - Eau de Parfum - 60mL

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Well, we made it through the decade that was 2020 2021. Much like the decade, this scent is complex by design. There's a lot going on and everyone is going to smell something different (except the smokiness, that's right up front and impossible to miss - if you don't like smoky scents you'll probably want to sit this one out).

Under the smoke is an entire world of scents that are begging to be explored.

As the most complex scent I've released in a very long time (potentially ever) it's almost certain to be somewhat divisive. This is one for the adventurers. I'm even providing scent notes!

In no particular order: Cade, Amyris, Teak, Cannabis, Litsea, Salt, Petitgrain, Orchid, Cedar, Sandalwood.

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