The State of the Declaration - June 2018

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Hey Everyone - 

This is going to be something of a rehash of my recent Facebook livestream, so if you saw it then there's likely nothing new. For those that missed it:

  • I've currently suspended knotting services until I clear my current backlog and release my next three soap scents (release date still TBD, targeting 6/15-6/22 but do not guarantee these dates just yet). I'm still a one man show with a lot of balls in the air, but please know that I am working as quickly as humanly possible to get everything currently outstanding completed.
  • If I miss the posted three week deadline on your handle then I am truly sorry, I'm currently working through some heavy personal issues that - in a perfect world - would have no impact on productivity, but that's not currently the case.

No more scent note lists. I'm hoping this will not be a particularly controversial decision, but I wanted to take the time to explain my rationale to - ideally - make it make sense: In my experience, essentially any list of notes can sound good or it can deter someone from giving a scent a try at all based solely on a particular note that is listed (whether that particular note would be detectable at all to the person or not). Scent is subjective, suppliers are different between artisans, every artisan's nose is different, different notes react differently based on what they are blended with, how much is used, etc. I think the perfect example of this is Porch Drinks (shout out to Chatillon Lux and Catie's Bubbles) - two very interpretations of the same idea. The note list is the same but the scents themselves are very different - both are fantastic, but they are different. It's possible to love one and hate the other, despite the notes being the same. There are so many additional variables that go into how a scent is going to smell (most important of which is the olfactory gland of the smeller themselves - in this instance, that is you). 

Instead of lists, I will now be providing the best descriptions I possibly can of what I set out to create and where I believe the scent landed (I'll also be speaking with early buyers from the Maggard meetup to garner feedback so that not all of these descriptions will come directly from me, as I am one man and one nose. If this decision winds up being extremely unpopular then I will revisit it, but I want to see how this experiment shakes out.

My current goal is to have everything (all handles in my building and en route) knotted and out the door within the next three weeks (sooner for handles received earlier) as well as the full-scale rollout of Shore, Sweet Lemon, and Contemplation. If I am less responsive to emails, Facebook PMs, Reddit DMs, etc. then please bear with me and know that I am not intentionally ignoring anyone, just trying to take care of everyone as quickly as possible.

Also, honestly, I haven't been able to do a brush release in over a month - I don't know if y'all miss fully original Declaration brushes as much as I do, but I want to get back in front of the lathe. I'm at least three weeks out, but I'll try to squeeze one in as soon as possible (but, all you page monitoring folk, know it's going to be weeks).

If you've read this far, know that I truly, from the bottom of my heart, am truly appreciative for every single one of you - without you, there would be no Declaration. You make everything I do possible, and I could not be more grateful.

Shave Well,


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