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Santal Auster: Post-Mortem, B4's Imminent Extinction, Liniment Discontinuation, and Other Thoughts

Posted by Scott Stewart on

Santal Auster Post-Mortem

Hey everyone! First and foremost, thank you for your business for Santal Auster. To say that Shawn and I were blown away by demand would be a gross understatement. To those that missed out, please know that I truly apologize that we did not have enough stock to meet demand. We based our predictions on prior experiences and never imagined it would sell as quickly as it did. More post-shave products will be available at on Saturday, 3/17 at 11AM CST. At this time there are no plans for additional soap production.

B4, We Hardly Knew Ye

B4 is, essentially, extinct. I will not be taking more orders for knotting nor re-knotting services until I receive and complete all current outstanding services. If there is hair remaining after all outstanding services are completed then I will retain a small amount for my historical archive and release the remainder in my own releases. 

B5 is scheduled to ship on 3/27, so I am hoping to be up and running (and actually provide opinions on the batch this time) by early April. I will provide updates as I have them.

Still have plenty of B3 available now for the scrub-lovers, just shoot an email my way if you're interested.

Liniment Discontinuation

I know this will come as a shock to some of you, but I've decided that liniment is no longer economically feasible to produce/sell. I will not be producing more beyond what is currently available. For the die-hard fans, I apologize. International folks, don't think I've forgotten you - I have an updated version of my previous alcohol-free aftershave in the works and will release it as soon as possible (though we're potentially looking at months due to labels, retailer logistics, etc.).

Other Thoughts

I am taking this weekend off and will be completely radio silent (this will be my first weekend off since December). I will be back in touch on Monday.

Please have a safe and responsible St. Patty's and I'll have further updates soon about upcoming releases :)

- Scott





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