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Updated 8/23/2021 - lots of updates, going to be a busy 6+ weeks :)

Hey Everyone! Anyone that follows me/my brand knows that I'm terrible about announcing what I'm currently working on, upcoming releases, and generally communicating in any meaningful fashion. My goal is to use this page as a quick stop for y'all to get an idea of what's currently in progress and what's coming - check back often, I will update with solid release dates once they've been decided.

Software In Progress (Updated 8/23/2021):


  • Albizia (Soap/Splash/EdP 8/28 @ Noon) - A few years ago I developed this scent and sold it almost exclusively at the Maggard meetup - availability was extremely limited. I'm proud to announce that it is back in Milksteak (not making another cream anytime soon). "With Albizia, you can experience the feeling of walking barefoot through the fresh dew in an early spring morning. Freshly bloomed flowers, not quite matured to their full-throated sweetness, fill the air with a light, bright green essence as the sun peaks over the treetops and the first rays of light caress the newly blossomed field."

  • Contemplation (Soap/Splash/EdP 8/28 @ Noon) - This re-release has been asked for more than any other scent I've discontinued - I'm very excited to announce that it, like Albizia, is back! This scent is one of my personal favorites and, frankly, took me longer to develop than any other fragrance I've released. While I billed it as a summer fragrance, I always felt it was applicable year-round (especially during cold Michigan winters for a reminder of what 'green' things smell like).


  • Darkfall (Date TBD) - What would September be if Darkfall didn't make an appearance? As my annual birthday present to myself, expect it to make a glorious return before September ends.

  • Cerberus Encore (with t-shirts!) - (Date TBD)

  • ROSE EFFING SANTAL! (you guessed it, date TBD) - after four(?) years and hundreds of requests, it is finally back!

  • Chatillon Lux 1904 - (Late September, date TBD) - features notes of coffee, cardamom, jasmine, lime, and sandalwood. Scent Notes blog coming soon.

Brushes in Progress (Updated 8/6/2021):

  • First round of GO BEYOND brushes shipped (non-preorders
  • Preorders for the most recent round are still in progress, aiming to have all out this week (before 8/27)
  • Knotting Services are current/shipped up to 8/6/2021 (or somewhere therabouts, I've forgotten the last date - they're in the queue). I'm currently working through them significantly more quickly than my posted 4 week lead time (though, for safety's sake, am not going to update that in the FAQ at this time - better to underpromise and overdeliver).
  • Future brush drops will be announced here as well as on social media. I've got something

Again, check back often - my goal is to keep this document up to date with everything in the pipeline.

As always, truly, thank you for your support.

- Scott