Let's Talk Brushes - Ebonite and One-Offs

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Hey Everyone!

Wanted to get a few thoughts out regarding brushes prior to the first ebonite brush release.

They will be released by color: Sandstone (pictured), Black Jupiter, and Blue Moon respectively. I will likely not be ordering more ebonite for some time after these releases (because it takes, on average, about three times as long to turn/polish/buff each handle). Not trying to generate undue FOMO, just a statement of fact. I'll definitely order more in the future, but I (and my tools, nose, and wife) will all need a break.

These releases are going to work a bit differently than past releases due to heavy variation in pattern throughout the stock. Each brush will be listed individually, with individual photos from multiple angles. You will know the exact brush you are getting. With that being said, for at least this first ebonite release I took photos with placeholder knots - I will be knotting them to order. Please expect about a 5 day lead time before shipment once your order is placed (plus or minus a few days). 

In addition to ebonite handles, for the foreseeable future I will occasionally release one-off handles. When I started Declaration I focused my efforts on making my brushes reproducible. While there are definite variations in my brushes, pursuing this path has removed a lot of the creative freedom I used to enjoy - it's fun to mix colors and see what happens without having to worry about being able to do it again. These will be infrequent and once sold I will (very likely) not try to duplicate them - that just turns fun into work :)

Happy New Year!

- Scott



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